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Over the past 20 years, Jim Harper has updated The Road Back Program many times as new research was completed. That time has come once again with CBD Oil.

Using THC Free CBD oil to help with anxiety, insomnia, aches and pains and a host of medication side effects works. Can't really say it any simpler than that.

Why it works is less important and the reason is as simple as the statement above. CBD oil inhibits a gene called JNK. In 2010, Jim Harper found the JNK gene overly activates the JNK gene and that over activation is the basic underlying cause of most psychoactive medication side effects and withdrawal side effects.

From weight gain to anxiety, to insomnia, to extreme aches and pains.

The other supplements in this program also decrease the activation of this gene but CBD oil does it in a unique manner. With it being an oil you place under your tongue the time for it's action is much faster than a capsule delivery.

Beyond reducing the over activity of the JNK gene CBD oil reduces the expression of a few proteins that are keeping the JNK gene too active.

If you go to your local store to purchase CBD oil you will be paying too much for an inferior CBD oil. Look at the label of the CBD oil and look for the milligram amount of CBD. The mg amount showing on the front of the bottle is only stating how much liquid volume is in the bottle. It does not mean there is that much CBD oil in the bottle.

The one Jim Harper recommends has 26mg of CBD oil per serving. It states that on the back of the label.

Being made in an F.D.A. registered facility its purity is guaranteed.

Being priced at half as much as other CBD oil with half the amount of CBD oil per bottle; it is also the best value in the world for CBD oil.

Google CBD oil for benefits if you have questions but beware of the claims being made. We are not about to start making health claims like the fly by night websites. We have been here for 20 years and plan on being here another 20 years.

Neuro Genetic Solutions carries this CBD oil. It's called Harper Drops Supreme.